“...Financing CDM [Clean Development Mechanism] eligible carbon sequestration projects creates a challenge as there are many upfront costs, as with non-forestry projects, but significant carbon benefits generally take time to accrue because of the growth pattern of forests....”
S. Brown and W.A. Kurz (2007) [1]
[1] – Brown, S. and Kurz, W.A. (2007) Causes of Gaps Between Perceived Potentials and Actual Implementatin of Forest-sector Mitigation Activities, CAB International Forestry and Climate Change (2007)
Please contact us with any enquiries or offers of support.
Individuals and organisations who have directly supported us, or who provide a valuable service, are listed below. Thankyou all for your contributions...
CSIRO’s Australian Tree Seed Centre — for the provision of viable native tree seed. URL: www.ffp.csiro.au/tigr/atscmain
Platypus Bend Eco Retreat — for the provision of land, farm machinery, financial support and endless patience... URL: www.platypusbend.com.au
Belinda Allwood & Sharon Marshall — two outstanding women who voluntarily nurture the forest in our absence and keep us abreast of the growing habitat.
The Burch Boys — four young aspiring ents who have gathered much of the seed and will (hopefully) steward the habitat through the next generation.
Phase II Funding
Environmental Sustainability. We DO NOT conduct destructive clear-fell harvesting. Our trees will be individually harvested on a Continuous Cover Forestry rotational basis over 40 years employing a strict “plant-what-you-harvest” regime. This will maintain the forest canopy – and therefore the habitat – in perpetuity. A habitat that we established on previously cleared agricultural land.
Natural Biodiversity.  Biodiversity is the natural state of a forest. It promotes health, mitigates against monospecific crop failure; and provides habitat for native animals. We interplant multiple high-return native and exotic cabinet timbers of over a dozen species such as red cedar (Toona ciliata), and mahogany (Swietennia mahoganii). In addition, we intersperse food source trees for native fauna. The biodiversity exists below the ground as well where we employ natural soil community management to provide nutrients and pathogen defence to our trees.
Quality Cabinet Timbers. We will not simply sell our logs to the mill for “stumpage”. Timber selected from our forest will be quarter-sawn and kiln dried (to ensure stability), and sold as dimensionally stable, long-lasting “boutique” timber for specialist markets such as boat-building and fine furniture cabinetry. Our ambition is to see our timber incorporated into heirlooms that last generations.
Rockwood Ventures is currently seeking funding in order to expand our operations from the trial planting phase, to full scale Continuous Cover Forestry operations. Expressions of interest from investors and supporters from Government, charities or corporations wishing to become involved in sustainable forestry and habitat reconstruction are warmly welcomed. Key initiatives that set us apart from other forestry investments are: